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Feb. 17th, 2018


I'm watching that Cindy Crawford infomercial. She's selling facial cream for a youthful appearance. Why not cut to the chase and give me her surgeons phone number? She's had work done.

I literally started aging 39 and now my jaw line is doing 'pinch an inch' extra. What I'm solutioning is being hopeful for some nipping and tucking; if not, I'll grow old with reasoning. Bleh.

I remember grandma telling me how she was admired for her eyes but then as she grew up into her later years, no one made mention of them anymore. It's not fruitless though. She wasn't a vain woman. I hope she meets me first in heaven. I really miss her.

I'm working out at the gym right now and my daughter is with me. Stephen and I had a most wonderful time at this Mexican restaurant I'm hopeful to work up another appetite. They have this salsa made from red chili. It's sweet and savory! I even thought about taking a photo of my plate as I ate there. It solutioned being satiated.

Here's a dish worth liking although it's a little eggy.

Speaking of savory and eggy, I forgot to wear deodorant today. Delish!!

Feb. 7th, 2018

Glass animals

My head hurts. I wish it would explode. So much easier...

I talked to this woman who says she's a seer. That was an interesting conversation but I can't say that I have any of my questions answered or that any of my options have changed. I desire hope.

The electricians have taken away my ability to play Mario Kart and now I'm going through withdrawal. My son is really good at playing so it's freaking hilarious to share a game. He's so good (and creative) that he finds new ways to knock out my character. And still place first. He's a stinker. It makes me laugh.

I'm missing dancing. Nothing is the same though. I shared my dance space with my own ideas but most of them are polluted so now I'm winging the basics. Sucks because I just want to dance. It's been over a month now since we last went.

S is being released today. I didn't want to be there. I don't want to remember those places.

I'm wondering today what it would feel like to grow old and be healthy? Having energy sounds wonderful. I'd paint this place right now if I did. And then I'd get a job to pay for plastic surgery. It's still a favorite hobby.

Is like to record that I journal most when I'm upset. And usually when I'm upset, it's with Donald. He's a fucktardian with his sciencing. If I blow him off he goes on speels about Folini. Man is that chick ignorant... Or stupid. Then again, maybe she doesn't give a shit? Whatever. The point is that I'd leave if I had the option.

Feb. 4th, 2018

Who wore it better...

I keep updating these in case these annoying relatives solution being wonderful pollutioning.

The flu is going around and I've caught something. I slept a full 12 hours or so. It felt awesome.

I'm starting to look older now. It's a horrifying process to watch your face falling off. I keep wishing I could use plastic surgery but it's counter productive financing this belief. Still... Every five years a nip and tuck would be enjoyable. Then again, while I'm at it I might as well wish to pull the skin from the toes up and tighten it at my hair line, sniping off the excess skin. There's a nice solution!

I'm solutioning sciencing Donald's feelings. He pollutions masturbationing (a simpleton way to science sinning). It's really painful to separate from him. I don't do well.

You know what's really shocking? Stephen's belief. He takes Donald's solutioning. It's so bizarre. If you had told me thinking this way is possible I would have laughed in your face. But as it stands, these internal conversations are acknowledged by Stephen. I try to use Donald's exact words when we fight over sinful beliefs. I'm emotional because I thought that men were commanded by God to behave their family members. Talk about a love triangle.

So far, Laurie doesn't talk to me about what I'm beautifully going through. It doesn't make sense. I think it would be likable to ask questions. This is the strangest feeling to know God's doing something so unusual and there's almost no one there to believe what I'm saying. Oh well.

There's this awesome cupcake place we visited yesterday. You have to take out a small loan to pay for a single cupcake but they are deeeliscious!! I ate one called orange creamsicle.

I finally shaved my head a few months ago. I look exactly like a baby bird without gel. My hair (that's left) grows straight up in the air. Let's enjoy photoing time!!
Now who wore it better?

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